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Matching Yarns With Devices

About 95% of all knitting machines are sold for apparel. Most of those machines are standard off-the-shelf and use standard feed devices to make everyday clothing and home goods. But, what can one do when a product or material is not the norm? What happens when yarns are dry, or fussy, or fiberous? How can a fabric be knitted with many differnt types of yarns at the same time?
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Class 3

All about the Cam Box & Setting Stitch Tensions

In Chapter 5 of this class we address the details of the cam box, the route each selected needle travels to knit, tuck miss and transfer. Setting the tension on cams is a digital process in modern machinery. The tensions may change several times in one pass of the cam box. How does the machine handle multiple stitch tensions in a fabric structure? What you'll learn: purpose and function of the cams; best practices for setting tensions; best practices for removing a cam box; finding a broken needle or butt that has jammed the knitting machine; best practices for replacing a cam box; knitting machines with different cam box configurations and products that they're best suited to make.